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Strength of NTK Ceramic Package

Strength of NTK Ceramic Package

With NTK's technology and expertise, developed through many years of ceramic package manufacturing, NTK provides benefits below to the customers.
  • Flexible shape capability by strictly controlled green sheet lamination technology
  • Range of applications from single-layer to multilayer ceramics
  • Bonding a variety of metal fittings to ceramics
  • Wide-variety of plating options to produce reliable surface finish
  • Broad selection of Standard Tools
  • Flexible production capability, accepting small-quantity orders to high volume production requirements
  • Quick delivery
A complex ceramic materials portfolio supports configurable design approaches from diverse assembly requirements for high performance end user applications.
NTK assists in design optimization by providing electrical, mechanical,and thermal simulations.

What are the IC Package's Roles?

What are the IC Package's Roles?

  1. Protects the chip from the external environment and temperatures.
  2. Simplifies chip assembly.
  3. Transfer electrical signals from the chip without error.
  4. Dissipates heat generated by the chip.

How Ceramic IC Packages Are Used

Example : Wire bonding type
Example : Wire bonding type

Example : Flip chip type
Example : Flip chip type

As shown in the above figures of the IC chip and IC package, IC chip packaging methods include the wire-bond method, wherein the chip is mounted to the package using gold-based or resin materials, and the flip-chip technique, in which the chip is directly mounted to the IC package.
After the IC chip is mounted, it is sealed airtight with a metal or ceramic lid.

Package Forms

Packages come in many forms, including DIP (Dual Inline), SIP (Single Inline), and PGA (Pin Grid Array) pin insertion types and surface-mount types including J-lead, Flat-lead (gull-wing), leadless, BGA (Ball Grid Array), LGA (Land Grid Array), CSP (Chip Size Package), and other types.
Please select the type suitable for your use.